"The Citroën BX is 30 years old" Meeting.
17-19. August 2012. Törökkoppány, Hungary

You can find the registration form here: link.
Please fill it, and send back to 30evesBX@gmail.com address. You can also ask for more information also via e-mail.

The registration fee: 14Eur/car
You will get a t-shirt, a bed-die, the lunch for one person on Saturday, and some small gift. You can register by person also, if you like, but enough by car.

Brick house / Bungalow: 9Eur/person, tent place: 7Eur/person.
The meeting will be in a camp in Törökkoppány. Google map coordinates for Törökkoppány: 46.600791,18.049954

Lunch: 4Eur/person
Breakfast/diner: 2Eur/person

You can decide on the registration form, if you need accommodation and/or meal.

Törökkoppány is not too far from the Serbian, Croatian, and Austrian border, but still reachable from Slovakia and Romania also. The lake Balaton is quite close, and before the Meeting the weather used to be quite warm in Hungary, so you can spend some days there also. The Balaton is used to be 22-26C at that period. Of course rain, or bad weather can be there also, unfortunately. At the 20th August we celebrate the foundation of the country, there will be different programs, and celebrations, and at the evening firework at several places. 20th August is a bank holiday in Hungary.

On the motorways in Hungary you have to buy a vignette (usually at petrol stations). D1 vignette is suitable for passenger cars (also with trailer), the price for 10 days (shortest period) 2975HUF (~10 Eur). On the other roads you do not have to pay, or buy vignette (with passenger car).